Nokia reveals the number of losts!

27 Nov

Nokia claims its Maps Navigation service to be the best to travel in a right direction. To prove their point, the Finnish giant conducted a survey to initially find out where people are getting lost and digital navigation service is not much in use.

Nokia presented some figures suggesting the increased use of Digital Maps over the Traditional Maps. According to the survey, more than 25 percent of people rely on online and mobile navigation tools to find their way around. Wherein, 13 percent people use a mobile phone as a primary navigation tool. The country which turned out to have the worlds best sense of direction is Germany — a third of people claimed to have never lost their way. 

But there is limit to those getting lost in London as compared to any other place in the world. The Research quizzed 12,500 people in 13 countries around the world to check their sense of direction and found that in each group of ten people, one finds it impossible to navigate around in London, followed by Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Beijing (the top five ‘lost cities’). And those, who ask for directions in London, are guided wrongly by the local residents deliberately. One in every three Londoners does that and has admitted it.

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