Moto Halo QA4 revealed, another social networking optimised phone

19 Nov

The Bluetooth SIG has revealed yet another Motorola handheld that responds to the name Halo. It is a CDMA Rev A capable device for North America and is likely to have a touchscreen with haptic feedback, accelerometer and a 2 MP camera. By all probability, it will have a widget-driven user interface.

HowardForums has some more details on the Halo.

Intuitive User Interface: No hidden menus, speed scrolling, tactile feedback on the touch screen, and a soft QWERTY
Immersive Experience: Customized Content at your fingertips with intelligent, built-in accelerometer which displays your content how you want see it
All Access: Always stay connected at blazing DOrA speeds with access to e-mail, IM, Blogging, Email, and your social network. Full
HTML supports makes internet access a breeze.
Music: Powerful Music Experience with up to 8GB microSD support and USB2.0 HS
Ultra Sleek Design: Optimized Slim and Powerful Touch Slider
Customizable Widgets
Instantly access live weather, stock market, news, pictures and social networking sites
You decide what widgets sit on your homescreen main menu
One Touch Access to all Applications and Settings
Social Networking: Alerts you to updates
Capture and upload photos and videos in seconds
Text, IM or Email your friends easily with the soft QWERTY keypad

Device Specifications
Main Display: 2.8” 240×400 65K TFT
Camera: 2.0MP
Bluetooth: Stereo, BT 2.0
Music: 8GB microSD, USB 2.0 High Speed
Modes: CDMA1x-EVDO Rev A
Bands: 800, 1900MHz and 1700/2100MHz

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