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Nokia reveals the number of losts!

27 Nov

Nokia claims its Maps Navigation service to be the best to travel in a right direction. To prove their point, the Finnish giant conducted a survey to initially find out where people are getting lost and digital navigation service is not much in use.

Nokia presented some figures suggesting the increased use of Digital Maps over the Traditional Maps. According to the survey, more than 25 percent of people rely on online and mobile navigation tools to find their way around. Wherein, 13 percent people use a mobile phone as a primary navigation tool. The country which turned out to have the worlds best sense of direction is Germany — a third of people claimed to have never lost their way. 

But there is limit to those getting lost in London as compared to any other place in the world. The Research quizzed 12,500 people in 13 countries around the world to check their sense of direction and found that in each group of ten people, one finds it impossible to navigate around in London, followed by Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Beijing (the top five ‘lost cities’). And those, who ask for directions in London, are guided wrongly by the local residents deliberately. One in every three Londoners does that and has admitted it.

Nokia to introduce Smart Solutions by the end of 2009!

27 Nov

Nokia proclaimed that it is developing a smart home platform; The Nokia Home Control Center, which will be the basis of security for next generation. The platform will enable users to integrate and manage their own smart home solutions, controlling the platform directly from their PC. Consumers can monitor their electricity consumption, switch devices on and off, monitor different things such as temperature, camera, motion. The system will also look after your home security, heating, and ventilation.

With a partnership with RWE, one of the Europe’s biggest energy companies, the Finnish giant will focus on home heating management process in the beginning and later the two will manage to bring Smart Meters beyond 2009. Smart Meters will provide statistics of the energy consumption, giving consumers a chance to control energy bills accordingly.

Adding a few more companies in its collaboration list such as Danfoss, Delta Dore, Ensto, Meishar Immediate Community (MIC) and Zensys, Nokia will bring forward other Smart Solutions such as Security, energy efficiency, wellness, construction, real estate, and smart home solutions for the generation of new decade to arrive.

Home Control Center Solution is scheduled to be demonstrated at the Nokia World Event, Barcelona on December 2-3, 2008 and will be commercially launched by the end of 2009.

Moto Raspberry QA30 gets a new name, Moto Hint

26 Nov

Remember the Moto Raspberry QA30 that we told ya about way back in September? Well, Moto’s finally announced it as the Moto Hint. The press release calls it a ‘social messaging slider’ that comes with a QWERTY keyboard and threaded messaging. It comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack and a 2 MP snapper. As we had mentioned earlier, this one’s gonna be restricted to North America only (naah, we ain’t whining…).

Technical specifications:

Motorola Hintâ„¢ QA30

Talk/Standby time

Up to 4.5 hours talk time / up to 15 days standby³


CDMA 1700/2100/800/1900, CDMA 1xEVDo Release 0¹




82 x 61.6 x 17 mm


940 mAH


USB 2.0 HS, Stereo Bluetooth Class 1.5², 3.5mm headset jack, FOTA, Mobile Phone Tools, Motosync, OMA DM, OTA  


2.5” QVGA 320×240 K  65kTFT


SMS, EMS, MMS, email (brew app, MotoSyncâ„¢, POP3/IMAP4 embedded), IM (brew download)


MIDI, MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC+ Enhanced, WMA v9,


Capture, Playback, Streaming, H.263, MPEG4, WMV v9


256MB ROM, 128MB RAM, Micro-SD up to 8GB

Samsung TouchWiz gets a whiff of Hugo Boss

26 Nov

After the likes of Prada, Giorgio Armani and Dior, it’s now the Boss’ turn to get a handset branded under its label. Yup, Hugo Boss has tied up with Samsung for a Hugo Boss branded version of what is popularly known as the Samsung TouchWiz. Most of the things (apart from the branding, that is) remain unchanged with a 5 MP snapper and a 2.8 inch touchscreen. Well, for the Hugo Boss touch, you will get some stylised logos and ring tones. And the price? a whopping, Euro 479! The Hugo Boss phone is expected to hit Europe in time for Christmas. 

LG Prada II comes with a Bluetooth watch… and a video

26 Nov

The second version of the Prada phone by LG comes with a Bluetooth watch that can also display complete text messages. The Prada II is expected to hit European countries in the coming days and hopefully, India in the next few months. Till then, enjoy the video.

Opera Mini 4.2 gets outta beta, hits Android, adds support for 12 Indian languages

26 Nov

Opera has announced the final version of the Opera Mini 4.2 mobile web browser. Some excerpts from the press release:

With today’s release of Opera Mini 4.2, Indians can now surf the Web in their own language.  The latest prodigy in Opera’s mobile browser family promises to heighten the mobile Web experience due to improvements in speed, video support and Opera Link functionality, in addition to its availability on the Android platform.

Since the launch of the beta version of Opera Mini 4.2 earlier this month, speed trials have shown that this version gives more than 30% speed improvements for users in the US, due to the addition of a new Opera Mini server park in the United States. As a result, Indian users will also benefit from noticeable speed improvements when browsing sites of American or Indian origin.

Opera Mini 4.2 has special significance for the Indian market, as the browser is now available in 12 different languages native to India.

Highlights of Opera Mini 4.2:
• Already available in Hindi, Opera Mini 4.2 is also now available in Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and Kashmiri
• Funky new skins for personalizing the look of Opera Mini
• Opera Link support for notes, allowing users to sync their notes between the PC and Opera Mini
• Improved real time streaming protocol (RTSP) handoff

Nokia announces 5800 XpressMusic in India, Music Store to follow!

26 Nov

Nokia has officially unveiled its first touch screen device 5800 XpressMusic, which is expected to be launched in January, 2009. The very new device is GPS enabled, runs on Symbian 60 platform and supports Wi-Fi. With a 3.2 MP camera, the device also supports battery backup of up to 35 hours of music playback plus stores 12,000 songs. It also provides you to choose between three variants — Black, Red, and Blue.

With 10 Nokia Music stores already running globally, there is also a scheduled launch of the beta version of the Nokia Music store in India. The device is expected to cost around Rs 20,000 at the time of launch in India.

Moto Halo QA4 revealed, another social networking optimised phone

19 Nov

The Bluetooth SIG has revealed yet another Motorola handheld that responds to the name Halo. It is a CDMA Rev A capable device for North America and is likely to have a touchscreen with haptic feedback, accelerometer and a 2 MP camera. By all probability, it will have a widget-driven user interface.

HowardForums has some more details on the Halo.

Intuitive User Interface: No hidden menus, speed scrolling, tactile feedback on the touch screen, and a soft QWERTY
Immersive Experience: Customized Content at your fingertips with intelligent, built-in accelerometer which displays your content how you want see it
All Access: Always stay connected at blazing DOrA speeds with access to e-mail, IM, Blogging, Email, and your social network. Full
HTML supports makes internet access a breeze.
Music: Powerful Music Experience with up to 8GB microSD support and USB2.0 HS
Ultra Sleek Design: Optimized Slim and Powerful Touch Slider
Customizable Widgets
Instantly access live weather, stock market, news, pictures and social networking sites
You decide what widgets sit on your homescreen main menu
One Touch Access to all Applications and Settings
Social Networking: Alerts you to updates
Capture and upload photos and videos in seconds
Text, IM or Email your friends easily with the soft QWERTY keypad

Device Specifications
Main Display: 2.8” 240×400 65K TFT
Camera: 2.0MP
Bluetooth: Stereo, BT 2.0
Music: 8GB microSD, USB 2.0 High Speed
Modes: CDMA1x-EVDO Rev A
Bands: 800, 1900MHz and 1700/2100MHz

Qualcomm announces SDK for Brew Mobile Platform

19 Nov

It is the season of Software Development Kits(SDKs)! After Apple, Google and RIM, Qualcomm has released an SDK for its Brew Mobile Platform. The SDK will enable developers to create widgets and customise user interfaces for devices running on Brew. The SDK also provides tools for developers to work with Adobe Flash technology and create applications using them.

Google launches voice-based web search for iPhone, not yet available in India

18 Nov

Google has launched a voice-based app for the iPhone, which apart from doing web search also lets you search your contacts. For long, the iPhone was being ridiculed for not having voice command features, which is a hygienic feature in most smartphones. However, like most other Google apps for the iPhone, even this is not available in India yet. Anyway, here’s the video that demonstrates the cool app.