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Photoshop Mobile doesn't actually 'Photoshop'

27 Aug

Adobe has just announced its plans about Photoshop going mobile and it certainly does not match with what we think Photoshop is all about. The company plans to launch the beta of Photoshop Mobile in September and at the moment it is going to be a simple service that enables you to just upload your pictures on Nothing revolutionary, we say. Show us some photo editing skills and then we shall talk.

Vodafone slashes iPhone 3G prices in India!

23 Aug

Facing severe backlash from consumers due to the high price of Apple’s iPhone 3G (Rs 31,000 for 8GB and Rs 36,100 for 16 GB, Vodafone has brought down the prices by Rs 2,000. Now, you can get the 8GB variant for Rs 29,000 and the 16 GB version for Rs 34,000. However, Bharti Airtel continues to sell the iPhone 3G at its original price at the moment but in all probability it would match the prices with that of Vodafone. It is still unclear at the moment whether the price cut has come from Apple or whether Vodafone is picking up the tab.

Coming soon: Pico projectors for cellphones!

22 Aug

We have been hearing about the possibility of pico projectors getting embedded into cellphones (who knows, next would be a washing machine?) but before that happens, Optoma will launch a pico projector accessory for cellphones. The accessory can project video and voice up to a distance of five feet and as we understand will be compatible with devices that support TV-out feature. It is based on Texas Instruments’ DLP Pico chipset and will be available worldwide sometime later this year.

Weight 115g (4oz)
Dimensions W50mm (2”) D103mm (3”) H15mm (1/2”)
Projection distance Min 0.25 – Max 2.6m
Image size 0.15 – 1.5m (6 – 60”)
Imaging technology DLP®
Lamp technology LED
Lamp life 20,000 Hours
Contrast ratio 1000:1
Battery life up to 2 hours
Speaker 0.5w

iPhone 3G New Delhi and Bangalore launch in pictures

22 Aug

These were the pics from Gurgaon (a suburb of New Delhi). Don’t forget to check pics from Bangalore, courtesy our friends from AirMe.

We are not making profits out of iPhone 3G: Bharti Airtel

21 Aug

At the stroke of midnight, the much awaited iPhone 3G will be available in India. However, we might not see serpentine queues of people waiting outside Airtel or Vodafone stores like we witnessed in other countries where the iconic phone has been launched. Why? Because consumers think that the carriers have priced the phone way out of their reach. 

Ever since the iPhone 3G was launched on July 11, Indian consumers have dreamt of owning one for USD 199 or its equivalent in Indian currency, which turns out to be Rs 8,660. However, consumers were in for a big shock when both Vodafone and Bharti Airtel announced the prices (the 8GB version of the iPhone 3G has been tagged at Rs 31,000 and the 16GB at Rs 36,100). 

Bharti Airtel claims to have over 200,000 pre-bookings before the prices were announced. But even their officials are not sure how many of these customers will actually buy the phone. “I must assure you that we are not making any profits by selling the iPhone 3G. We are only providing network services and the prices have been fixed by Apple,” said Sanjay Kapoor, president, mobility, Bharti Airtel. Ironically, there are over 30,000 unlocked first generation iPhones already running on Bharti’s network across the country.

While Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple claimed that the iPhone 3G will come at ‘half the price’ of the original iPhone, he was probably relating it to markets where the carriers lock customers with a two-year commitment plan and hence, the carriers subsidise the handsets for the consumers. “However, in India, that model does not work as majority of users are pre-paid and even post-paid subscribers do not sign any commitment with the carrier,” said Kapoor. It is for this reason that the subsidisation of handsets is not popular in the country. 

To make up for the high price of the phone, Airtel is bundling 500 MB of data usage every month for the next 12 months. According to the company, an average data plan subscriber uses 110 MB of data a month and it expects the usage to go up to 250 MB for iPhone 3G users. Unlike other countries there are no unlimited data plans available and subscribers will have to pay 30 paise for every 50KB used over the free 500 MB. But does it justify the phone’s price is a different matter.

Airtel will start selling the iPhone 3G tonight in six cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata – while the company claims to make it available in 65 cities tomorrow.

Faking It: Nokia N96 gold, N96i with NES games!

20 Aug

While the original Nokia N96 is still a couple of weeks away from hitting the shelves, copies of the high-end N-series device have already started making the rounds in China. What you see above is a gold version of the N96 (obviously a fake) that comes with a 3 inch touchscreen, dual SIM card slots and 1.3 megapixel camera.

This one is called the N96i and also comes with a dual SIM card but no touchscreen and just two VGA cams. However, it supports Nintendo games! Hit the links to check out more details of these Chinese knock-offs.

Read N96 Gold
Read N96i

Nokia launches Widgets for mobile

20 Aug

After toying with Widsets for a couple of years, Nokia has churned out a new library of widgets and calls them Widgets by Nokia. While we are yet to test the new widgets, Nokia promises that this version will be more user-friendly than Widsets. Point your mobile phone browser to to experience Widgets by Nokia.