iPhone 3G sales top original iPhone in seven weeks?

27 Aug

Against all odds, the iPhone 3G has managed to achieve something in seven weeks what the original iPhone took almost a year to do — sell six million units. According to TechCrunch, sometime next week, Apple will sell its iPhone 3G number six million in some part of the world. Apple is now on track to sell 40 million iPhone 3Gs over the next year.

Unlike the original iPhone, which remained exclusive to the US for many months and then a handful of European countries, the iPhone 3G is already available in over 40 countries and the number will swell up to 70 before the end of this year. Mind you, the iPhone 3G is not yet available in Russia, which is expected to be one of the biggest markets for the device, after the US.

Meanwhile, in India, the iPhone 3G sales are yet to pick up on either carrier (Airtel and Vodafone) amidst media reports about the ‘flaws’ in the device and its high price. But that’s another story.

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