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iPhone 3G cracking under pressure?

30 Jul

After braving through scratched iPod Nanos, a couple of years ago, Apple faces one of the biggest hardware quality issues ever — cracks developing on the iPhone 3G. Apple-related forums are now abuzz with pictures of cracks developing on the exterior of the device, usually on the back. All cases reported so far are from the white iPhone 3G, though commentators don’t fail to point out that it might be rampant in the black version as well but might not be as prominently visible as on the white body. Hopefully, these are just some freak cases and not a common problem, else Apple will have a lot of explaining to do before it introduces the iPhone 3G in 20 more countries on August 22.

Via Engadget Mobile

Sony Ericsson G705 caught in the wild

29 Jul

Sony Ericsson seems to be so busy belting out new numbers that it seems to have lost track of the whereabouts of its upcoming, unannounced handhelds. In the recent past, the company has managed to leak all its products weeks before their official announcement. 

Today, our friends from the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog have dug up numerous pictures of the G705, a slider 3G phone in the G-series. Not much is currently known about it apart from the fact that it has a 3.2 MP camera and GPS onboard. Expect an official announcement coming up very soon!

AppStore beware, coming to iPhone OS 2.0

29 Jul

You heard it right folks! The original application store for jailbroken iPhone is heading for a release on iPhone OS 2.0. RiP Dev, the guys behind have disclosed that the new version of the application repository should be out for download in the coming days and what you see above is how Installer 4.0 (the new version) will look like. We are not sure if it looks like Apple’s AppStore or is it the other way around. Head over to RiP Dev’s official blog to find out what those wonderful guys are up to.

Via iPhone Dev Team

Asus to turn on the style?

28 Jul

Asus has of late been stirring the cellphone cauldron with many models. However, the company is assocoated with products that tend to be functional rather than flashy – good, solid enterprise devices that will get the job done, but which seem just as comfortable within one’s pocket than without.

That might be about to change. According to our (rather senior) sources in Asus, the company is working hard to come out with what it promises will be a “fashionable cellphone” that people would love to flaunt. Details are predictably sketchy at the moment, but going by what we have heard, the device will be a totally touchscreen affair and will runWindows Mobile 6.1. There will be a 3.2 megapixel camera for shutterbugs and GPS for wannabe Columbuses and da Gamas. 

But what caught our attention the most is the news that the device will feature an all-new (yes, yes, “revolutionary”) 
interface – a significant upgrade of the Asus Today skin seen on the P320. The idea is to give users direct access to a number of functions on the home screen itself, saving them the pain of pottering around Windows Mobile’s menus. Of course, our source denied that this represented an attempt to imitate a product by a certain Cupertino company!

We will find out when it hits the market in either late September or early October this year. No news of the price, but knowing Asus, we will wager our last dollar that even if the company fails to deliver on the style front, it sure will serve up value for money.

The new hues of the Asus P320

28 Jul

Asus today announced the availability of two new colours of its P320 Windows Mobile PDA phone. The sub-Rs 13,000 handheld offers an inbuilt GPS receiver, Wi-Fi connectivity and the works. Sounds good, but we are a bit concerned about the TI OMAP 850 processor that has been clocked at just 500 Mhz.

What will happen to Installer in iPhone OS 2.0?

27 Jul

It has been a couple of days since I have upgraded my iPhone to OS 2.0 (thanks to WinPwn). My reason for upgrading was Apple’s online application store or the AppStore but in hindsight, I’m not sure if it was the wisest decision I have taken. Agreed that there are some much needed improvements in the features of the new operating system but there is nothing significant that couldn’t have been worked out by installing a hack (or an application, if you insist) from the Installer or Cydia tool that you could get by jailbreaking the iPhone. 

Today, I miss all the cool games and some useless, notheless interesting, applications that came with Installer. I miss the time spent every night, updating sources and waiting impatiently for some new ‘install-worthy’ stuff. I miss being able to shoot videos or sign in to my GTalk and Yahoo! Messenger accounts simultaneously.

So what happens to Installer in the iPhone OS 2.0 world, where Apple has its own application store from where you can buy ‘legit’ applications? What happens to the developer community that for some reason developed fun applications and hacks even when it knew that these will be distributed for free? Will Installer cease to exist?

I believe that Installer will continue to thrive and probably become even bigger than its current form. And the credit will eventually go to Apple and its application store. While today, in iPhone OS 2.0, Installer (or Cydia) is just a place from where developers can get the tools they need to develop applications, in a few weeks, it will resume the same status as it holds in the old iPhone operating system. But it won’t stop there!

I can foresee applications from the AppStore getting pirated and ported to Installer. All the popular and expensive applications that you’d otherwise have to pay to install will become available free of cost. This would certainly irk Apple and the developers (read big application developing companies) but they won’t have any control over jailbroken iPhones.

After this, many more developers will join the ranks of ‘rebel developers’ who will prefer distributing via the Installer than the AppStore. These developers will be the ones who get frustrated by Apple’s control over their apps and the things than their apps can do or can’t. And don’t forget the large community of developers who aspire to see their applications on the AppStore but Apple keeps them waiting at the door because either they don’t fit in or Apple doesn’t like what they are doing. They would rather distribute their applications via Installer where they find a huge network of users waiting to lap up new applications.

By the end of the year, I can see Installer growing bigger than Apple’s version of an online application store. Of course, the big labels will stick to Apple’s version but you will find most of the cool and happening lot hanging out at Installer. So where will I meet you in a couple of months? Hanging out with the big folks, where you have to pay for your and their bubbly or at a house party where you can just chill and have a good time?

Nokia Tube leaked, fails to impress

26 Jul

Some lucky chap seems to have laid his dirty hands on the rumoured Nokia Xpressmusic 5800 aka the Tube and has clicked pictures of the first Nokia touchscreen phone running on the Symbian S60 fifth edition. If these pictures are of the actual device that Nokia will send out, then we’d be very disappointed.

The UI looks nothing that would blow your mind over. Seems like, well, just the normal S60 UI icons that you can touch to function. Bleh! And just check out the onboard QWERTY keypad in the picture below. Well, the UI designers certainly seem to have been in a hurry while designing it! Man, even if the specifications include the remote key to Nasa’s Rover on Mars that we could control, we’d still give this one a miss. We wonder, why can’t the Finns be as much fun as the Americans or dare we say, the Koreans?