Garmin's nuvifone delayed, again

30 Jul

GPS device manufacturer Garmin today announced its foray into the cellphone business has been delayed again and its nüvifone will now be available some time during the first half of next year. The GPS-centric handheld seems to have hit the wrong notes with European carriers, who seem to be bargaining for a better (read pleasing to the eye) aesthetics. We last saw the nüvifone at CommunicAsia in June and the product was far from perfect and the OS was still being worked upon. The device was first introduced in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“The nüvifone will not be available in fourth quarter as previously announced. While we had hoped to have carrier launches in the fourth quarter, we have found that meeting some of the carrier specific requirements will take longer than anticipated. We remain pleased with carrier interest in the device and are working toward making necessary design changes to meet their requirements. We anticipate launching the product during the first half of 2009,” read a statement issued by the company.

While the nüvifone might have advanced GPS-enabled features, we always thought that the device was more than a handful, especially keeping the iPhone in mind, which has caught everyone’s fancy after it was launched in June last year. Carriers who have failed to snap up the rights to distribute the iPhone on their networks are desperately seeking an ‘iPhone killer’, a title that the nüvifone has failed to achieve.

We hope that when we meet the nüvifone next, it would be a much sleeker, sexier and pocketable handheld and not the boring Personal Navigation Device garb that it currently dons.

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