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Huawei T156 low cost handset now available on Airtel

31 Jul

Chinese handset manufacturers like Huawei and ZTE are making hay while carriers continue to shine on them. After RCom, Bharti Airtel has roped in a Chinese handset manufacturer to offer cheap handset and lifetime prepaid suscriptions. The latest offer involves Huawei’s T156 handset, which Airtel has priced at Rs 1,199. The ultra basic handset has nothing to boast about other than its price tag, something that won’t rattle RCom that already sells cheaper handsets priced at under Rs 800.

BlackBerry Connect not supported on new Nokia E-series devices

31 Jul

Nokia seems to have stopped supporting BlackBerry Connect on its new E-series devices. We have reports coming in from E71 users in India who are unable to find the application for their phone. One such user, who contacted Nokia, was told that the application isn’t available. Traditionally, all Nokia E-series phones have supported BlackBerry Connect and Nokia’s change of heart has caught users unaware. Probably, Nokia wants to promote its own e-mail service rather than Research In Motion’s.

Thanks to all those who tipped us about this.

iPhone gets its first WoW app

31 Jul

We always knew it was just a matter of time before we’ll see a World of Warcraft (WoW) application for the iPhone. Warcraft Characters from Rudolf Psenicnik allows you to show off your WoW avatars and their basic information and stats right from yur iPhone screen. And that’s not the best thing! The best thing is you don’t have to shell out a single cent for this time wasting, show-off app. A must download, we say, if you play WoW

Motorola laying the path to spin off mobile devices unit

31 Jul

“In the Mobile Devices segment, we launched ten new products and maintained market share, compared with the first quarter, while continuing to invest in our product portfolio. We also made progress on our plans to separate Motorola into two independent, publicly traded companies, generated positive operating cash flow and reduced our cost structure,” said Greg Brown, President and CEO of Motorola in a release announcing the company’s second quarter results.

The company might say that the results were better than their expectations but the situation continues to look grim for its mobile device unit. The unit posted losses of $346 million as against $332 million in the second quarter of last year. Even its sales have gone down by 22 percent from last year as the unit shipped 28.1 million devices in the second quarter.

The company has its hopes pinned on a few high-end multimedia devices like the ZN5 and Rokr E8, while there is speculation of an 8 megapixel camera phone slated for the third quarter that would decide the fate of Motorola as a global handset vendor.

You can read the complete result statement here.

Nimbuzz IM becomes location aware

30 Jul

Nimbuzz, the mobile IM client that lets you log in simultaneously to multiple IM services on your cellphone, has just been upgraded. The new version — v 0.9(3) — brings to table a feature that lets your buddies see your location. We are not yet sure if it works only on phones with an inbuilt GPS receiver or is pally enough to work with an external Bluetooth GPS receiver as well. Nevertheless, it makes it all the more difficult for you to lie about your whereabouts to your IM stalking, nosy girlfriend. We say, leave her and get another who doesn’t mind you fooling around. Or else, just turn the setting off.

WinPwn update coming soon…

30 Jul

WinPwn, the software that lets you jailbreak iPhone OS 2.0 on a Windows machine, is going to get an update soon. According to CMW, the guys behind the software, the new version (WinPwn 2.5) will simplify the whole process of jailbreaking and will also sort out some bugs. Well, with another version expected soon that will also unlock the iPhone 3G (this one only jailbreaks it), we wonder if this version is really worth all the effort?


Garmin's nuvifone delayed, again

30 Jul

GPS device manufacturer Garmin today announced its foray into the cellphone business has been delayed again and its nüvifone will now be available some time during the first half of next year. The GPS-centric handheld seems to have hit the wrong notes with European carriers, who seem to be bargaining for a better (read pleasing to the eye) aesthetics. We last saw the nüvifone at CommunicAsia in June and the product was far from perfect and the OS was still being worked upon. The device was first introduced in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“The nüvifone will not be available in fourth quarter as previously announced. While we had hoped to have carrier launches in the fourth quarter, we have found that meeting some of the carrier specific requirements will take longer than anticipated. We remain pleased with carrier interest in the device and are working toward making necessary design changes to meet their requirements. We anticipate launching the product during the first half of 2009,” read a statement issued by the company.

While the nüvifone might have advanced GPS-enabled features, we always thought that the device was more than a handful, especially keeping the iPhone in mind, which has caught everyone’s fancy after it was launched in June last year. Carriers who have failed to snap up the rights to distribute the iPhone on their networks are desperately seeking an ‘iPhone killer’, a title that the nüvifone has failed to achieve.

We hope that when we meet the nüvifone next, it would be a much sleeker, sexier and pocketable handheld and not the boring Personal Navigation Device garb that it currently dons.

iPhone 3G cracking under pressure?

30 Jul

After braving through scratched iPod Nanos, a couple of years ago, Apple faces one of the biggest hardware quality issues ever — cracks developing on the iPhone 3G. Apple-related forums are now abuzz with pictures of cracks developing on the exterior of the device, usually on the back. All cases reported so far are from the white iPhone 3G, though commentators don’t fail to point out that it might be rampant in the black version as well but might not be as prominently visible as on the white body. Hopefully, these are just some freak cases and not a common problem, else Apple will have a lot of explaining to do before it introduces the iPhone 3G in 20 more countries on August 22.

Via Engadget Mobile

Sony Ericsson G705 caught in the wild

29 Jul

Sony Ericsson seems to be so busy belting out new numbers that it seems to have lost track of the whereabouts of its upcoming, unannounced handhelds. In the recent past, the company has managed to leak all its products weeks before their official announcement. 

Today, our friends from the Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog have dug up numerous pictures of the G705, a slider 3G phone in the G-series. Not much is currently known about it apart from the fact that it has a 3.2 MP camera and GPS onboard. Expect an official announcement coming up very soon!

AppStore beware, coming to iPhone OS 2.0

29 Jul

You heard it right folks! The original application store for jailbroken iPhone is heading for a release on iPhone OS 2.0. RiP Dev, the guys behind have disclosed that the new version of the application repository should be out for download in the coming days and what you see above is how Installer 4.0 (the new version) will look like. We are not sure if it looks like Apple’s AppStore or is it the other way around. Head over to RiP Dev’s official blog to find out what those wonderful guys are up to.

Via iPhone Dev Team