New Moto phone – VA76r

26 Apr

The leaks keep coming from good ol’ Motorola, which reported a 39 percent year-on-year loss in its first quarter results. This time it is the VA76r, an HSDPA enabled phone based on the Montavista Linux OS – Moto’s preferred OS, of late. 

It seems that the guys over at Moto HQ believe that a new naming scheme might help them turn around their fortunes, just like the RAZR did for them four years ago. The latest nomenclature trend is to have two alphabets followed by a string of numbers – ZN5, ZN200, EM30, EM330 and now, the VA76r. We ain’t sure if adding an extra alphabet will bring them some good karma, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Coming back to the VA76r, it will sport HSDPA, A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth, Freescale-ArgonLV processor, support for Microsoft Office files, support for a number of international languages (including Hindi!) and in all probability a 2 MP camera. We don’t know if this phone will ever see the light of the day, considering the pace at which Motorola is releasing handsets, but we’d love to see this one in flesh.

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