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Spice launches CDMA phone with 10 hours talktime

30 Apr

Just like we reported last week, Spice has launched its first CDMA phone with a whopping 10 hours of talktime. The C810 is based on Qualcomm’s single chip solution – the QSC6020 chipset – coupled with a gigantic 2000 mAh battery. Priced at Rs 7,499 ($185), it comes with a 1.3 MP camera, Bluetooth, FM radio and memory card slot. The C810 will be available in the open market, which means that consumers on any CDMA network can snap it.

HTC gets Touchy…

29 Apr

Okay, so we know that HTC is prepping the Diamond, which will succeed the Touch and now we get to know about the Touch Find! Apparently, the Touch Find will be a slightly stripped down version of the Diamond aka the Touch Pro and will come with a 2.8 inch QVGA display (the Diamond will have a VGA display), HSDPA, GPS, 3 MP camera and the works.

Now is it just us or even you feel the Moto Razr story being repeated over here?


HTC P3000, S720 available on RCOM

26 Apr

After announcing a strategic tie-up a couple of months ago with Reliance Communications (RCOM), India’s largest CDMA carrier, HTC has launched two new Windows Mobile handhelds for the carrier. The P3000 and the S720 might not have anything earth shattering to entice RCOM subscribers apart from their price tags of Rs 16,500 and Rs 19,500, respectively. While the P3000 offers a touchscreen with no physical keypad, the S720 is a smartphone with a sliding QWERTY keypad.

New Moto phone – VA76r

26 Apr

The leaks keep coming from good ol’ Motorola, which reported a 39 percent year-on-year loss in its first quarter results. This time it is the VA76r, an HSDPA enabled phone based on the Montavista Linux OS – Moto’s preferred OS, of late. 

It seems that the guys over at Moto HQ believe that a new naming scheme might help them turn around their fortunes, just like the RAZR did for them four years ago. The latest nomenclature trend is to have two alphabets followed by a string of numbers – ZN5, ZN200, EM30, EM330 and now, the VA76r. We ain’t sure if adding an extra alphabet will bring them some good karma, but it’s certainly worth a try.

Coming back to the VA76r, it will sport HSDPA, A2DP and AVRCP Bluetooth, Freescale-ArgonLV processor, support for Microsoft Office files, support for a number of international languages (including Hindi!) and in all probability a 2 MP camera. We don’t know if this phone will ever see the light of the day, considering the pace at which Motorola is releasing handsets, but we’d love to see this one in flesh.

Exclusive: Spice Mobile to enter CDMA handset biz

26 Apr

Spice Mobile, a part of BK Modi’s Spice Corp Limited, is expected to enter the CDMA handset business in India. The company will launch its first CDMA phone on April 29, which will be followed by a range of CDMA cellphones in the coming months. 

According to information received by Cellpassion, Spice will launch one CDMA phone on Tuesday, which will be priced in between Rs 6,500 – Rs 7,500. The USP of the device will be its mammoth 2000 mAh battery, which should provide users with nearly double the talk time that common CDMA phones provide. The phone won’t be tied to any carrier, a move that will enable consumers to choose any CDMA carrier of their choice.

Spice Mobile already offers a large portfolio of GSM handsets in India and is expected to launch a sub-$20 handset in the next couple of months.

Sony Ericsson posts gloomy quarter, unleashes two devices

24 Apr

Swedish cellphone vendor, Sony Ericsson, reported a colossal 48 percent decrease in year-on-year net income in its 2008 first quarter results. The company attributes these figures to “higher R&D investments as a percentage of sales” and a “slowing market growth in mid-to-high end phones.”

The results at are par with an interim announcement the company had made on March 19, where it warned investors of a slow-down in the industry. Even global market leader, Nokia, felt the pinch this quarter, which saw it losing a percentage of its global market share, which fell to 39 percent from 40 percent in the last quarter. Likewise, even Sony Ericsson witnessed a percentage drop in its global market share, which now hovers at 8 percent.

However, unlike Nokia, Sony Ericsson faces a tough challenge in front of it. With the European and American handset sales slowing down, the bulk of revenues are expected to come from emerging markets in the coming quarters, where low-cost, entry-level phones rule the roost. Unfortunately, Sony Ericsson’s upcoming product portfolio is dominated by mid and high-end phones in its popular Walkman and Cyber-shot series. There are only a handful of products – the T270, T280, R300 and R306 –slotted for the second and third quarter this year, that cater to the emerging markets in Asia and Africa. Even with the results, the company announced two mid-end HSDPA-enabled devices – the Z780 and G502 – aimed at the American and European markets respectively.

Will the absence of compelling products in the low-end of the spectrum bring the Swedish Express to a screeching halt? Is this the window of opportunity for Motorola, which has focussed on its W-series of entry-level products in these emerging markets and kept the mid-end Z-series devices on the backburner for the moment? Well, it’s going to be one helluva a quarter coming up.

Google announces image ads for mobile

24 Apr

After AdSense on mobile, Google has announced the release of image ads for mobile Internet. Similar to image ads on Internet, the mobile version will have one image ad per page and will be smaller than the desktop version to fit on the mobile screen. The only requirement is that these image ads should link to a mobile-friendly web page.


Picture walkthrough: Moto A810 & ZN5

24 Apr

The folks at have gotten their hands on pictures of the Moto ZINE ZN5, complete with Kodak branding for the 5 MP cam totting Rokr E8-ish device.

Meanwhile, the guys at Engadget have tapped into FCC filings to bring some more Moto Mojo. This time, the Asia-only A818, a Linux-based touchscreen phone.

Is this the Nokia 7310 Classic?

24 Apr

What you are looking at might end up being an upcoming Nokia phone, the 7310 Classic to be precise. According to folks, who claim to be in the know, it will run on the S40 platform and sport a 3.2 MP cam, 2.2 inch QVGA display, quad-band GSM connectivity, FM radio, Bluetooth, USB 2.0 and a 3.5 mm audio jack. Looks impressive, but we can’t really be sure due to the unnecessarily huge logo that has been Photoshopped over the image.


Exclusive: AppStore goes live on iPhone

24 Apr

We really caught you unaware this time, didn’t we? What you see above is not the actual Apple AppStore but just a smart tweak from DAVTEAM. If you have a jailbroken iPhone, then you can change the Installer icon to AppStore. Now that’s a cool way to beat Apple in its own game, innit?

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out the Ringtones app that sets tracks from your music collection to calling or SMS ringtones.