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Rumour: Sony Ericsson to announce Z780 at CTIA

31 Mar

With less than 24 hours left for CTIA to begin, rumours have gained wind about the Sony Ericsson Z780, a clamshell phone that the Swedish brand is expected to announce. Sony Ericsson had announced a similar product at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona in February – the Z770i – that was a clamshell phone optimised for the Internet and was HSDPA enabled for aster browsing. 

The Z780 is expected to have similar specifications but probably optimised for an American carrier with support for 1900 Mhz HSDPA, the band used in the US (unlike 2100 Mhz in Europe and other countries). A product page for the Z780 has popped up on Sony Ericsson’s website, which is a sign that the announcement is just a few hours away. We will keep our eyes peeled for this one.

Yes Bank gets aboard the mobile banking bandwagon

31 Mar

Yes Bank has teamed up with Obopay, an American company, to provide mobile banking services to its customers. Users will be able to transfer money using the application installed on the user’s cellphone. To enrol for the service, customers have to fill up a form available at Yes Bank’s branches and ATMs in Mumbai and NCR regions. Earlier this year, ICICI had initiated a similar service with RCOM.

Moto Q9c goes green with envy

31 Mar

More news trickling from CTIA, which is still many hours away from its scheduled opening. Motorola has just offloaded its Q9c in a refreshing lime green variant on two American carriers – Alltel Wireless and US Cellular. Apart from the new colour, everything else remains the same. We wonder how many executives will dare to match their boring wardrobe of grey suits with the flashy lime green phone. What were the folks at Moto thinking?

HTC prepping Raphael, Diamond phones

31 Mar

HTC, the Windows Mobile (and soon Android as well) mobile device manufacturer, is preparing two new devices that go by the codename of Raphael and Diamond. The Bluetooth Group has pages related to these two products. It is believed that the Diamond will be the successor to HTC Touch, which was launched in June last year, while the Raphael is understood to be the successor to the Tytn II, which was launched in India last week.

Nokia reveals N810 WiMax edition before CTIA

29 Mar

Barely two days left for CTIA to begin and it seems that the guys at Nokia were finding it difficult to hide their kitten for a little while longer. A link from the Nokia Europe website shows the N810 WiMax edition in all its glory. However, the link to the actual details of the device isn’t working at the moment. Expect the link to come alive just before CTIA, which begins on April 1.


BlackBerry 9000 is for real!

29 Mar

The guys at Engadget have caught the speculated touchscreen BlackBerry 9000 handheld and have shot it from all possible angles. The new user interface looks good and the device is 3G and Wi-Fi enabled. The silver trimmings and curves remind us of the Apple iPhone, though don’t expect multi-touch or other goodies that the Jesus-phone is famous for. Hit the link to see the entire gallery.

UIQ releases new platform version

28 Mar

UIQ technology, the software company that develops mobile user interface and application platform on Symbian based phones, has released a new version of its platform. UIQ version 3.3 brings “incremental enhancements” to the platform that is widely used by Sony Ericsson and a few Motorola phones. The main improvements include the addition of Opera Mobile 9.5 web browser and Opera Widgets. The new platform will support mobile widgets and a dashboard, which can be accessed by a dedicated widget button. Nothing earth shattering, we say but will help the cause of UIQ based phones in the world dominated by the iPhone and the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.1 announcement.

Sling player comes to Symbian UIQ

28 Mar

Sling player, an application when combined with the Sling Box lets you place-shift your television channels and allows you to watch television on your cellphone, has announced a version for phones based on the Symbian operating system. A version of the Sling Player is already available for phones based on the Symbian S60 platform (most Nokia smartphones) and the company has now announced a version for Symbian UIQ, which is used by many Sony Ericsson and some Motorola phones. The company will be showcasing the new application at CTIA 2008, which begins in Las Vegas next week. Sling Player is already available for Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian S60 operating systems apart from BlackBerry, which is expected to be released soon.

TRAI phases out ADC regime

28 Mar

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) has announced that Access Deficit Charge (ADC) on domestic calls will be done away with from April. Currently, private carriers pay 0.75 percent of their annual gross revenue to BSNL for using the latter’s network in rural areas. Trai will recommend the government to pay BSNL Rs 2,000 crore per annum for a period of three years under the Universal Service Obligation Fund as subsidy for sustaining wirelines installed before April 1, 2002.

The ADC for international incoming calls has also been halved from Re 1 to 50 paise, and that too be done away with from October. The move should ideally lead to cheaper international calls to India and a marginal decrease in the calling tariffs within the country.

Everything you wanted to know about Symbian S60 platform

28 Mar

We stumbled upon this interesting document from Nokia that bares it all about the Symbian S60 platform. Right from the evolution of the platform to its capabilities and definitions of different technical jargons, this document has it all. Mind you, it is meant for developers but nevertheless makes for an interesting read if you are curious to know about the most popular cellphone platform. You can download the document from here.