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YouTube goes mobile, one phone at a time…

30 Jan

YouTube, yup the same service that enables you to share with the world the footage of your sloshed roomie at his stupid best, has gone mobile! What does it mean? Not only will you be able to see the similar videos on your cellphone but you will also be able to upload clips directly from your phone. At the moment, YouTube is available on five Nokia models (N73, N95, E65, 6110n and 6120c) and two Sony Ericsson phones (K800i and W880i).

YouTubers can either point their mobile browsers to or download the application from

iPhone v1.1.3 gets unlocked, downgraded to v1.1.2!

27 Jan

That’s right! A reader from India has claimed to have unlocked his iPhone with the latest version (v1.1.3) by using a ‘unlocking card strip’. According to SG, the process is simple and it takes only a couple of minutes to get it done. The downside – he can only use the SIM card that has been used to unlock the phone. SG shares with us how he unlocked his iPhone by using the strip, which he got along with the device for an additional USD 50. (We have found out that a similar unlocking strip is available at Brando for USD 30.)

Step by step unlocking iPhone v 1.1.3

1. Cut your SIM card as shown in the picture and place the strip on the SIM card so that the connector on the strip are placed in the cut portion of the SIM card. Use a small piece of tape to ensure that the strip is affixed to the SIM card.

2. Carefully insert the SIM card (with the strip) and ensure that it fits properly in the SIM card tray.
3. Boot your iPhone and you will notice two new icons – Installer and iWorld. Click on the Installer. (SG had Installer v 3.0B9 {c) Nullriver Software. You have to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot with access to the Wi-Fi network to proceed through the next steps.
4. The Installer will refresh itself and a list of applications will open. Find and select Tweak 1.1.2. This will download and install small packet, less than 100 KB, and the device will restart. (Don’t click on Tweak 1.1.3 as it is unstable.)
5. Now click on iWorld, which will show you a list of countries. Select your country and operator. Your iPhone is ready to use.

After the process the version of the phone was downgraded from v 1.1.3 to v 1.1.2. Another shortcoming of this process is that you can’t change the SIM card. The phone will function only with the SIM card that was used with the strip to unlock it.

Disclaimer: Cellpassion doesn’t advocate unlocking an iPhone and it doesn’t endorse the procedure mentioned above. We haven’t tried unlocking the iPhone using this procedure and we can’t guarantee its authenticity. Cellpassion is not liable for any damage whatsoever that may arise by using this procedure. Try it at your own risk only.

Exclusive: Sony Ericsson R306i spotted!

24 Jan

Pictures of a new Sony Ericsson phone – the R306i – were spotted on the official Sony Ericsson website a few hours before its official announcement. The R306i is a clamshell entry-level phone with radio buttons on the face. As we had reported earlier it will be the first cellphone in India to support AM radio! Also spotted were the official pictures of the T280i, which we had revealed a few hours ago. Another phone that is expected to be announced today is the R300i, which might be a candy bar radio phone.

Sony Ericsson to double manufacturing capacity in India

24 Jan

Sony Ericsson today announced four new phones and its plans for manufacturing phones in India at a global announcement in New Delhi. Of the four phones – T270, T280, R300 and R306 – two phones will be manufactured in India. The R300 and R306 will join the ranks of phones like the J110, J120, J121 and W200i that are already being manufactured in the country. While not revealing the current production capacity, Sudhin Mathur, GM, India operations, said that production capacity will be doubled in 2008 and will exceed 10 million phones by 2009. It will also ramp up the number of Sony Ericsson exclusive experience stores from 58 to 300 by the year 2009.

On no, not again! The ghost of the Razr past still haunts

23 Jan

We always fail to understand how early prototypes manage to find their way out of the office and end up on EBay? After the Sony Ericsson M610i, the folks at Engadget Mobile were invited to bidfor a slider version of the Moto Razr2 V9, which was very unimaginatively christened the Z9. According to the seller, for USD 500, you can take away a slider phone that has a few scratches around the screen and whose keypad doesn’t light up. Of course, being as clandestine as some nuclear weapons proliferation networks, all you get is the phone and a wall charger! Well of course, if you bid higher than USD 500, he might just throw in a USB cable as well. How generous! Now where can we find such product managers, who don’t mind parting away with a handful of early sample protos?

Moto mobile biz still in the red

23 Jan

“We are focused on aggressively rationalizing the company’s cost structure and working to get Mobile Devices back on track,” said Greg Brown, chief executive officer of Motorola.  “The recovery in Mobile Devices will take longer than expected and there is a lot more work to be done.  Our primary focus is on improving profitability and enhancing our product portfolio in this business.”

This statement defined the tone for Motorola’s Q4 2007 result. The mobile devices segment sales were down to USD 4.8 billion which was down 38 percent as compared to Q4 2006. What’s more, compared to the operating earnings of USD 341 billion in Q4 2006, this time the company posted an operating loss of USD 388 million. To make things worse, the segment posted an operating loss of USD 1.2 billion in 2007 calendar year as opposed to operating earnings of USD 2.7 billion in 2006.

The outlook for the first quarter doesn’t look any better, with losses of USD 0.05 – 0.07 expected.

Sony Ericsson T270 and T280 unveiled

23 Jan

Here we go again! Another Sony Ericsson announcement and another leak. We have just received pictures of two new phones in the T-series, which have been branded as T270 and T280. Joining the T250, the T270 and T280 will sport a 128 x 160 pixel display and will be Bluetooth enabled. The T280 will have a 1.3 megapixel camera, while the T270 won’t. Both the phones are expected to be announced tomorrow. Also in the line-up for tomorrow’s global announcement are two radio phones. We’ll keep you posted about them.

Pic courtesy: Maximys

Two new entry level phones from Nokia

22 Jan

Nokia today, announced two more entry-level phones aimed at emerging markets. The two phones – 2600 Classic and 1209 – will come with features like multiple phonebook and prepaid tracker. These features have been incorporated in the phones after a survey conducted by the brand revealed that users in these markets share their phones with family and friends, as the family might not be in a position to afford more than one phone. The 2600 Classic also has a VGA camera, FM radio and Bluetooth connectivity and is expected to retail around Rs 3,700. The 1209, which will retail around Rs 2,000, has a flashlight and a colour display.

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Sony Ericsson’s India announcement leaked?

21 Jan

Keeping up with its traditions, sketchy information has managed to leak out of Sony Ericsson’s quarters about its global announcement scheduled for January 24 in India. We have exclusive information that two phones will be announced that are most likely to be called T270 and T280. Both the phones will have Bluetooth, a 128 x 160 pixel display and will be less than 14 mm thin. The T280 will also have a basic camera (VGA?). 

The high point of these phones will be their support for AM radio, apart from the usual fare of FM radio, which became very popular last year. We have also been told that one of the phones will resemble a radio from the behind and might have a small LCD display and buttons. We found a similar phone that was introduced in Japan over three years ago that went by the name of Radiden and sported a radio-look from behind. Not a very pretty sight, but we have been told that this time it sports a more T650-isque appearance. Bring it on, we say!

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Mobile World Congress preview diary: S60

21 Jan

The largest cellphone show in the world is just three weeks away! Starting today, we’ll bring you a preview of technologies that will be showcased at the Mobile World Congress. And we start with S60, the OS that drives all Nokia phones. At the S60 booth, be prepared for a stampede for the Touch UI that will power Nokia’s version of the iPhone. As always, there will be scores of applications, Internet based services (we’ll root for mobile social networking!) and new devices to try out. We say if you are at the event, don’t miss out on this one, even if just for the Touch UI.