EIGHT phones we want to see in 2008

28 Dec

iPhone for all!
Call us Utopian, but that’s what we’d like to see. An Apple iPhone for everyone, irrespective of where they live, the carrier they prefer or the subscription plan they subscribe. C’mon Apple, you have committed the sin of creating an imperfect but stunning phone, now it’s your time to pay!

The Android Dream phone
If both Google and HTC are involved in something, we are interested to know more about it. Phones based on the Android are expected to be available in mid-2008 though some news reports indicate a phone as early as February. Sounds doubtful, but who’s complaining?

Sony Ericsson’s Maria
In 2007, Sony Ericsson failed to deliver a good touchscreen phone. The initial lot of the P1i was full of bugs and did as much good to the P-series legacy as the P990i could. However, we want the Swedes to put up a better show. We have heard that the folks at Sony Ericsson are looking up to a device code-named ‘Maria’ that will be their answer to the iPhone, complete with finger-based touch input. Will Maria be capable enough to take on the iPhone?

Nokia’s touchscreen phone
It is kind of difficult to imagine that the world’s best selling handset brand had only last year brushed off touchscreen phones and pinned their hopes on its range of smartphones. The Finnish are forced to eat up their own words as they develop a completely touchscreen phone. We don’t like what it will look like, but it’d be interesting to see how the leader responds to a threat from an unexpected quarter.

BlackBerry with touchscreen
Talking about touchscreen phones, how can we not talk about a BlackBerry handheld with a touchscreen. The device is rumoured to be indexed in the 9XXX series and won’t have a physical keypad. We wonder if Microsoft is hearing this.

Moto Rokr E8
We call this one ‘The Chameleon’. The Rokr E8 has a morphing keypad in which the keys change according to the function being used. So you get music keys when you play music, alphanumeric keys when writing a text message and a numeric keypad while making a call. It would be safe to assume that these virtual keys will vibrate when you register an input just like we experienced on the Moto Razr2 V8.

Nokia N-Gage revived
Now that the N-Gage platform has been delayed till sometime in 2008, Nokia has enough time to conjure an N-Gage handheld. No doubts that the first two handhelds were a failure but considering that Nokia will have an online mechanism of delivering games, it might make sense to try just once more. And going by the latest patent, we can barely wait for next year.

Nintendo Wii phone!
Before we begin, let us clarify that we don’t know about any Wii phone in the making. But what the heck, who wouldn’t love to have a Wii phone? Who knows, next year you might be wielding a slim, white phone like a Jedi’s light saber and battling the Dark Lord, himself?

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