Will Nokia unveil the N-Gage store on December 4?

30 Nov

Most probably yes. Nokia might just launch the N-Gage Store from where users will be able to buy games for the N-Gage compatible phones – the N81, N95 and N82. Nokia was supposed to launch the store in November but had delayed the launch by a month due to delays in software testing. A source hinted that the store might be one of the announcements taking place at the Nokia World Event, which is taking place in Amsterdam on December 4-5.
Nokia has roped in game publishers like EA Sports, Vivendi, i-play and Digital Chocolate to develop games for its N-Gage platform. In August, Nokia had indicated that that the games are expected to be priced between Euro six and Euro10. The brand has already tied up with operators in 20 countries for billing the charges on a subscriber’s cellphone bill. In countries where such tie-up doesn’t exist, consumers will be able to pay via their credit card.
We will mark this one as a rumour but at the same time hope that it comes true. And one more thing, hope that Nokia gets its pricing right and not commit the same mistake as it did with the N-Gage 1.0. 

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