Ed Zander to step down as Motorola CEO

30 Nov

With Motorola’s market share dipping and the company losing its second spot to Samsung, the company’s Board of Directors has elected Greg Brown as CEO Ed Zander’s successor. Brown, who currently serves the company as president and chief operating officer, will take hold of the reigns from Zander on January 1, 2008.

Zander had joined Motorola in 2004, when the company was struggling and was instrumental in the introduction of the Razr V3, which turned the fortunes around for Motorola. Ever since the Razr’s launch, Motorola has shipped over 100 million units of the slim clamshell phone.
However, Zander’s critics have blamed him for the company’s current lacklustre performance, which has resulted in decreasing global market share. They accuse Zander of over-emphasising on the Razr line-up and neglecting other products, which has resulted in people calling Motorola a one-hit wonder. At the moment, Motorola is struggling to find a product that could match Razr’s popularity. Zander is also believed to be instrumental in Motorola’s low cost handset drive, which has increased the unit shipments but at the same time lowered the company’s margins.
Brown finds himself in a situation not very different from when Zander assumed the CEO’s post back in 2003. He faces an uphill task of reviving the ‘Moto Magic’, which won’t be easy. Currently, the brand is believed to be revamping its entire product line-up, some of which could be announced early next year. Motorola is also focusing on smartphones and is juggling between Linux, Symbian UIQ and Windows Mobile operating systems. Let’s hope that Motorola finds its Mojo soon!

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