Delhi’s mobile hunger helpline!

30 Nov

Looking out for a happening hangout in the city? Or are you out on the road looking for a restaurant that serves good Mexican tortillas? Or you are on a shoestring budget and want to take your friends out for a drink? Get all this information and more on your GPRS enabled cellphone by logging on to, a service by MobiSolv.
Grubz enables users to check out hangouts in Delhi and its vicinity, which have been segregated according to their cuisine, cost and rates as well. If you are in the mood to kick off your shoes and shake a leg, the listing also shoes places that have a dancing floor. Also included are the phone numbers that you can call without exiting the application.
Though a fine application, it needs a bit of tweaking. At the moment, it shows places at random. For instance, if you are in Gurgaon and want to see hangouts in Gurgaon, there is no option to see them. You have no option but to go through the entire list. Another feature that can be incorporated is an average cost for meal for two.
Despite its shortcomings, the service should become popular with the young audience, who usually run out of good places to hang out. But there is a catch, how many of them have a GPRS subscription? Our two cents? A similar service via text messaging might become more popular than a GPRS based service.

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