Now a phone for bloggers

7 Nov
If there can be phones for amateur photographers, audiophiles, businessmen and the likes, why isn’t there one for bloggers?  Nope, we didn’t think like this but Samsung certainly did. And lo, here’s a phone for those who have taken up blogging as a profession. The SGH L760 is the world’s first phone dedicated to bloggers, who can keep their blogs updated via the phone.
According to Samsung, “the L760 allows users to update content and photos to their blogs anywhere with just ‘one-click’, by uploading contents as in the form of title + description + tag.” If true, expect every blogger to tout one when it is launched this month in Europe and later in Asia.
Beyond the blogging function, the L760 is a 3G UMTS slider with a 2 megapixel camera, FM radio and RSS reader. Only if they had crammed in a QWERTY keypad, it could have made the lives of bloggers like me much simpler.
So what’s next on the list? A cellphone for mad scientists?

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