Creating docs in WiMo 6.0

2 Jul
Now that there are a handful of devices running on Windows Mobile 6.0, users would have come to know that the new OS is nowhere close to what Microsoft had promised. Clicking on the cross button doesn’t stop the application as it should have been and you can’t create new documents on the Standard edition (Smartphone edition in Windows Mobile 5.0 terminology). The only noticeable newbies that we could figure out were the improved user interface and the ability to handle HTML in Outlook.
We couldn’t understand why Microsoft would enable users to edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheets in the Standard edition but not let them create new files. Probably to not to cannibalise devices based on the Professional edition? Who knows? Anyways, a friend has found a DIY to tackle this problem.
He created a blank document on his desktop and saved it on his handset. Now whenever he wants to create a new document he opens the blank document and selects the edit option. It is as good as a blank document at your disposal and you can rename and save it to create new files. We can’t imagine that Microsoft didn’t think about it or thought about it and yet didn’t give the ‘create new’ option. 
Moral of the story: Microsoft can only limit the offerings on its services but can’t stop people from innovating.

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